FG to pay Virgins Female Corpers #50,000 as their Monthly Salary.

NYSC To Pay Virgins N50,000
Monthly Allowance- FG
We have just been informed that
the Federal Government will be
paying *Virgin* a whooping sum of
Fifty Thousand Naira, (N5,000.00)
only. If you have already sold
yours, this offer is not for you,
however, if you have little ones who
are yet to *eat* the unripe fruit,
please advice them that it pays to
absent from premature (you know
what)! Read the full report below.
The National Youth Service Corps
(NYSC) program as President
Goodluck Jonathan through the
NYSC Director General, Brig. Gen.
Nnamdi Okorie-Affia has just
announced that, instead of N19,800,
Virgin NYSC Corps Members will be
receiving N50,000 as monthly
The President said it was an
incentive for “Girls to keep
themselves for their husbands” and
also as a way of congratulating girls
who “managed to keep their
hymens intact in such a trying times
as we have today”.
So far, only 28 girls nation-wide
have been confirmed as virgins and
have received their 1st N50,000.00
allowance. Pharmacies have also
reported a 234% increase in demand
for Alum, womanliness tighteners
and Hymen Reforming creams and
Boys have also protested, saying
Male Virgin Corps Members also
deserve N50k, but the NYSC says
there’s no way to confirm that.
(sorry, guys, out of 100k NYSC
Corps, only 2 will be a virgin- and it
is doubtful!)
Some girls also protested at NYSC
Headquarters this morning, claiming
they were virgins up until Camp Fire
night, so they should qualify to
receive the N50k. Their pleas have
fallen on deaf ears so far.
For those who don’t know what is
Camp Fire night, please asked
your sisters/brothers and anyone
who is a graduate.